House Wiring Repair

House Wiring Repair Discription

The Junction box being moved In her living room, a junction box needed to be moved. In order to complete the mission, we had to follow some steps:

Step 1
By switching the matching circuit breaker in the home's breaker box, we reduced the electricity to the circuit to which the junction box is connected. In order to confirm that the proper breaker had been switched off, we turned on a light switch.

Step 2
The cover of the breaker box was unscrewed, removed, and the wires within were hauled out. Removed all wire nuts from the wires' ends. Pull the cables out of the box by loosening the screws holding the cable clamps to the knockout covers. the screws attaching the box to the wall were taken out.

Step 3
The box was placed in its new location. marked the screw holes in the box on the wall. Screw the box on the wall plugs after inserting wall plugs into the holes.

Step 4
involved moving the cables to the new location of the box and securing them in place with cable tacks spaced every 18 inches. Push the cords into the box through the middle of the cable clamps. To keep the electrical cables in place, tighten the cable clamp's screws.

Step 5:
Using wire cutters, we then cut off the exposed ends of all electrical cables that have damaged ends. We made sure the nut covered all of the exposed copper on the wire ends. All colored wires, including the naked ground wires, should have electrical insulation tape wrapped around the nut and the area where the wires enter the nut.

Point to be Noted We always keep in mind that, It is recommended to run new wire from the switches/receptacles on either side of the junction box and do away with the junction box entirely if the electrical cables are too short to reach the box's new location. As an alternative, a new cable could be routed from one junction box to the other once a second junction box is installed at the end of one cable. To ensure that it complies with regional construction codes, this must first receive approval from the city's electrical permit office.

Tools Used:

Things we used : Screwdriver, Wall, plugs, Pliers, Cable tacks, Hammer, Wire cutters, Wire strippers, Electrical insulation tape.

But the tools that were most necessary:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wall plugs
  • Pliers
  • Cable tacks

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